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Internet and HSPA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator


- TL2803GE-LAT
  • Fully Redundant Internet & Cellular Dual-Path Alarm Communication
  • Integrated Call Routing
  • Panel Remote Uploading/Downloading Support Via Cellular & Internet
  • Supervision Heartbeats Via Cellular & Internet
  • 128-Bit AES Encryption Via Cellular & Internet
  • Full Event Reporting
  • SIA & Contact ID Protocol
  • Remote Activating & Programming Through C24 Communications (North America Only)
  • Active Cellular Account Is Required To Use IP Function
  • Signal Strength & Trouble Display
  • Visual Verification Over Cellular Or Internet
  • Communicator Can Be Housed In separate Cabinet using PCL-422 Communicator Remote Mounting Module
  • Command & Control Via SMS
  • R model Includes RS232 Serial Integration Option
E model Provides Expanded User Support & Up To 4 Ethernet integrations With PowerSeries Neo Panels V1.2 & Higher

DSC NEO Internet & HSPA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator - TL2803GE-LAT - (Fast S&H)

$224.99 Regular Price
$219.99Sale Price
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