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DSC Wireless PowerG Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector - PG9902 (915MHZ)


  • Detection Range Up To 26 Ft.
  • Dependable In Extreme Temperatures & Harsh Environmental Conditions, With IP55 Certification
  • Pet-Immune - Target Specific Imaging™ Distinguishes Between Humans & Pets Weighing Up To 40 Lb.
  • Advanced True Motion Recognition™ Algorithm Differentiate Between Intruders & Other Disturbances
  • Motion & Temperature Detector In One, When Enrolled As Part Of The Powerseries Pro System. Temperature Is Shown On The User App.
  • Fast Installations Using Link Quality Led Indicators & Pull-tab Auto Enrollment
  • Blocks Tampering With Certified Anti-Masking Technology
  • Compatible With Powerseries Neo, Powerseries Pro & Qolsys Panels




The PG9902 is a smart, wireless outdoor curtain PIR detector with anti-masking. It is supported by the DSC alarm system and uses PowerG two-way communication protocol. Secures entranceways such as windows and doors. Catches intruders before they get inside.


Early Warning, Extra Protection. Superior Outdoor Detection With Minimal False Alarms.


Create a narrow protective shield across windows, balconies, doors, driveways and other entranceways, for superior outdoor detection with minimal false alarms. Small in size, the PowerG Wireless Advanced Curtain PIR is big on performance. Weatherproof (IP55) and pet-immune, with anti-masking capabilities, it delivers accurate, reliable detection in sever temperatures and demanding outdoor environments.


Features That Make A Difference:


  • PowerG* Robust Industry Leading Commercial Grade Wireless Technology


  • Two Channel Pyro (Patented) Thermal Sensor Output


  • Microprocessor-Controlled Temperature Compensation


  • White Light Protection


  • Adjustable Pet Immunity Selector


  • Adjustable Detection Sensitivity


  • Parabolic & Elliptical Optics (Patented)


  • Target Specific Imaging™ (TSI) Technology Distinguishes Between Humans & Pets Weighing Up To 18 Kg Or 40 Lbs


  • True Motion Recognition™ Algorithm (Patented)


  • Cross-Direction Detection: Both Directions, Left To Right, & Right To Left.


  • Active Smart Anti-masking Ability Recognizes Spray & Dust (Patented)


  • No Vertical Adjustment Is Needed.


  • Long-life Battery Which Is Due To The Ultralow Current Consumption


  • Front And Back Tamper Protection (Patented)


  • Supports Temperature & Light Level Reports According To The PowerG Panel Version


The Power Of PowerG*:


The power behind PowerSeries Neo lies in various innovative technologies, including the revolutionary PowerG, which, bundled together, provide a robust and feature-rich platform designed to reduce operational costs for dealers and provide ultimate reliability for end users.


• Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology – to overcome frequency blocking and interference


• Adaptive Transmission Power – for battery life preservation


• High transmission ranges - for reliable communication within up to 2km/2187 yards line-of-sight


• TDMA synchronized communication technology - to prevent message collisions


• 128 bit AES encryption - high level protection against analysis tools and digital attacks




Dimensions:.............................. 145 mm x 71 mm x 62 mm

                                                     (5.71 in. x 2.8 x in. 2.44 in.)


Battery Life: .............................. Minimum 1 Year - Typical Use 3 Years (Not Verified By UL)


Battery Type: ............................. 3 V CR123A Lithium Battery


Weight (With Battery): ............. 283g (10oz)


Operating Temperature: ……... - 35°C to 60°C (- 31°F to 140°F)






Please refer to for the most current approval listings.




This Device Can Be Used With DSC Panels That Use PowerG Technology

DSC Wireless PowerG Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector - PG9902 (FREE Fast Shipping)

$108.99 Regular Price
$103.99Sale Price
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