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DSC WS4939 Wireless Key Fob / Remote


4-Button Wireless Key:


  • Durable, Scratch-Resistant Buttons
  • 4 Programmable Function Keys
  • Long-Life Lithium Batteries Included
  • Full 3-Second Delay On Panic Alarm To Reduce False alarms
  • Multifunction Belt Clip Included
  • Reliable 433 MHz Technology
  • Optional Generic Rubber Insert Included
  • Water Resistant


Add wireless convenience and value to any DSC security system with the WS4939 four-button wireless key.


Utilizing DSC’s unique wireless technology and the latest production techniques, the WS4939 incorporates new features and benefits into a sleek design that is compact and user-friendly. Users enjoy a sense of control over their security systems and the added confidence that comes with portable personal protection.


The WS4939 four button remote wireless key fob has four programmable buttons and offers three optional rubber key configurations to cover most applications.


The built in LED tells you when a transmission has been sent and with feature controls such as arm and disarm, panic, and garage door controls, the fob provides versatility and reliability.


The WS4939 can be used to arm/disarm security systems from a distance, be programmed to trigger garage door openers, turn on lights, open powered gates, or trigger panic alarms.


A multi-function clip allows the wireless key to be clipped to a convenient location, whether it’s on a belt or car visor.


The WS4939 wireless key is built with reliable 433 MHz technology, uses long-life lithium batteries and is compatible with all current DSC wireless receivers.


The WS4939 is compatible with the following receivers:


  • MAXSYS Wireless Receiver PC4164-433
  • PowerSeries Wireless Receivers PC5132-433 and RF5108-433
  • Fixed-Message LCD Keypad with Integrated Wireless Receiver RF5501-433
  • Envoy LCD Self-Contained Wireless Security System NT9005

DSC WS4939 Wireless Key Fob / Remote (BRAND NEW & Free Fast Shipping)

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
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