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Honeywell 8 Zone Wired Zone Expander - 4219




The Honeywell 4219 is a wired zone expansion module that provides up to (8) additional hardwired zones of protection for a Honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP alarm control panel. The 4219 zone expansion module is ideal for existing security systems when you need to add additional hardwired alarm devices but have no more available zones.


The 4219 is ideal for expanding existing hardwired jobs without changing the control panel. the ability to add multiple zone expanders to gain more hardwired zones offers maximum protection with minimal cost.


The hardwired zones provided from the Honeywell 4219 can be supervised by end-of-line resistors (EOLR), or they can use Normally Closed (NC) wiring.* The 4219 has configurable Dip Switches for selecting the wiring options. The 1K or 2K ohm resistors needed for each EOLR zone are included with the 4219.* When connecting your zones to the Honeywell 4219, you may need to terminate each programmed zone with a resistor depending on the dip switch setting selected. If you do not program all of the (8) available zones, then you do not need to add resistors to the unused zones.


When installing the 4219 wired expansion module, you can mount it remotely in the included white plastic enclosure or you can mount it inside your alarm control panel’s existing cabinet as long as there is adequate room. You should mount the zone expansion module before making any connections or powering up the device. When mounting remotely inside the plastic enclosure, you may position the 4219 vertically or horizontally. There is an exit hole for the wiring connection on the side of the plastic enclosure and there is a breakout tab on the back of the enclosure as well. The plastic enclosure also has a built-in tamper feature. To utilize the tamper feature, you must install the included tamper magnet to the cover of the enclosure and set the 4219’s DIP switch 8 to the off position. When the enclosure is closed, the magnet will be in proximity to the internal reed switch built into the circuit board of the Honeywell 4219. If the cover is removed, the magnet will move away from the reed switch and a tamper alarm will be activated.


If you want to mount the Honeywell 4219 inside your existing alarm control panel’s metal cabinet, you should mount it horizontally below the alarm control panel. Position the included self-tapping screws in the raised tabs at the back of the alarm cabinet. With the screws inserted, you will be able to hang the module on the screw heads using the (2) holes on the back of the plastic enclosure. Make sure to set DIP switch 8 to the on position so that the case tamper feature is disabled and do not install the cover.


Once you have mounted the 4219 wired zone expansion module, you will need to connect it to your alarm control panel. You can use the TB2 terminal block that has (4) screw terminals or the (4) pin harness plug above the terminal block for the connection as they are electrically the same. When using the TB2 terminal block, you should use 22AWG wire with (4) conductors. The green wire should be connected to terminal 4 on the 4219 and the data out terminal of the the alarm control panel. The black wire should be connected to terminal 3 on the 4219 and the ground terminal of the alarm control panel. The red wire connects terminal 2 of the 4219 to the 12VDC terminal of the alarm control panel. Finally, the yellow (or white) wire connects terminal 1 of the zone expander to data out on the panel. The (4) terminals on the alarm control panel that you will be connecting to are known as the ECP connection or the keypad bus and are also used by Honeywell alarm keypads. Therefore, you will have at least one wire under each of these terminals in addition to the wires for the 4219 zone expansion module.


Once the Honeywell zone expansion module is mounted and connected to your alarm control panel, you will need to position the DIP switches on the circuit board of the 4219. DIP switch 1 determines the response time of zone A which is the zone connected to terminals 1 and 2 of the TB1 terminal block. With DIP switch 1 on, normal response time of 300mSec will be used. With DIP switch 1 off, zone A will have a fast response time of 10mSec. The rest of the zones (A-H) use the normal response time of 300mSec. DIP switches 2-6 will determine which device address is used for the 4219. You can assign a device address of 0-31, but be sure to use a device address that is supported by the connected alarm control panel. The VISTA-15P/20P/21iP alarm control panels all support addresses 7-11. Once the 4219 is connected and the device address DIP switches are set, the additional (8) hardwired zones will automatically become available within the security system’s zone programming menus. DIP switch 7 is not used and should be left in the on position.*


Please note that some hardwired carbon monoxide detectors are not compatible with the Honeywell 4219 wired zone expansion module. We recommend installing all hardwired carbon monoxide detectors using the on-board zones of the alarm control panel instead of the expansion zones.


*Original 4219 modules had 5 dip switches, used 1k resistors, and did not offer an option to disable the use of EOL resistors. In 2011, the board was reworked. These modules had 8 dip switches, used 2k resistors, but the EOL resistors were still required, not optional (dip switch 7 must remain ON). In 2014, the board was reworked again. In the newest version, dip switch 7 allows you to set all zones as normally closed, with no resistor (dip switch 7 ON) or to require the 2k end-of-line resistor for all zones (dip switch 7 OFF). Alarm Grid has posted all three versions of the Install Guide for the 4219, in support of customers who may still have older devices in use.


Additional Information


  • Connection Made To The Control's Console Wires
  • Adds Up To 8 End-Of-Line Supervised Zones
  • Simple DIP Switch Addressing To Select Range Of Zone Numbers
  • Expand Existing Security Systems Easily
  • Fits Inside Universal Control Cabinet
  • Easily Wired To Control panel
  • Supervised For Open, Shorted & Normal Circuit Conditions
  • Current: 35mA


Physical Dimesions:

Width: 6-1/2" (169mm)
Height: 4-1/4" (108mm)
Depth: 1-1/4" (32mm)


Voltage: 12VDC (From Control's Remote Console Connection Points)
Current: 35mA




32º F to 122º F (0º C to 50º C)




5-95% Relative, Non-Condensing


Included Items:


Eight 2K End-Of-Line Resistors

Honeywell / Ademco 4219 Wired Zone Expander (BRAND NEW & SEALED) FAST SHIPPING

$59.99 Regular Price
$55.99Sale Price
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