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Honeywell 6160V Talking Custom Alpha Display Voice Keypad - 6160V



The Honeywell Ademco 6160V is a Talking Alpha Display Keypad that "Speaks" system status and zone information in plain English. The 6160V hardwired keypad is the ideal full-function premier keypad for notification from and control of a Honeywell VISTA Series security system. The 6160V is similar to the 6160 with the added features of voice messages for system trouble events, zone notifications, alarm situations and system status.


Easy to use and install, the 6160V provides users with both visual and audible feedback. This backlit keypad can be used to record and play back voice messages for others to replay later. You can record, and playback messages of up to 2.5 minutes. The 6160V can announce each zone as it is opened or faulted when set in voice chime mode, and the security system it is being used with has chime mode enabled.

The 6160V has four programmable functions keys for fire, police, other emergency, or any other type of event you want programmed. The four function keys on the left side of the keypad can be used for panic keys so that you may press these in case of an emergency such as a break in, fire or medical situation. The function keys are large, easily seen and accessible even when the front cover is closed. The 6160V also has a removable door that hides the soft illuminated keys when closed.


The 6160V features voice annunciation of system status through its built-in piezo speaker and will speak the status and name, if you have labels programmed, of each zone associated with the system. This is a great feature allowing you to know what is going on with the system without having to continually go to the keypad to check. This talking keypad provides the convenience of spoken English commands and notifications as well as a full alphanumeric display.


•    Speaks system status and zone information
•    Zones and system events displayed in plain English
•    Family message center
•    Large, easy-to-use keypad
•    No confusing blinking lights
•    Four programmable function keys
•    Keys continuously backlit for visibility
•    White with removable door; fits any decor


     o    Sleek white design blends with any décor
     o    Contoured, removable door lets customers customize the keypad for the look they want
     o    With the door closed the keypad has a smooth, unobtrusive appearance


     o    The Custom Alpha Language display is easy to read, with large characters and simplified descriptions
     o    The sounder beeps to help identify security system status
     o    Comfortable soft-touch keys labeled with simple commands are illuminated for nighttime visibility
     o    Four larger function keys can be programmed for one touch operation and are accessible even when the door is closed



5-5/16"H x 7-3/8"W x 1-3/16"D
(135mm x 190mm x 30mm)



Activated Transmission-160mA



- (Black): Ground
+ (Red): +12 VDC (Aux. Power)
D1 (Green): Data in to control panel
D0 (Yellow): Data out from control panel



Fully compatible with all VISTA controls.

Honeywell / Ademco 6160V Talking Alpha Display Keypad (BRAND NEW & SEALED)

$199.99 Regular Price
$194.99Sale Price
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