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Paradox Outdoor Digital Dual-Optic High-Performance PIR Motion 433MHz (40kg/90lb True Pet Immunity)




The PMD85 Outdoor Digital Dual-Optic High-Performance PIR overcomes the environmental challenges of the outdoors while giving you the same reliability as a highperformance indoor motion detector by combining a special weatherproof design with the proven technology of Paradox’s patented digital detection.


The PMD85 also features patented animal immunity, which by way of two sensors, allows the unit to identify humans while ignoring animals weighing up to 40kg (90lbs.).




·  Impact and temperature resistant casing

·  Operates at -35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F)

·  Casing lined with an injected rubber gasket

·  UV protected lens

·  Dual Optical Filtering System

·  Multi-level sensitivity adjustment

·  Patented Digital Motion Detection

·  Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)

·  Digital Dual Opposed Detection

·  Alive software (alarm LED continues to display when PIR     is in energy save mode without compromising battery         life)

·  3-minute energy save mode after two detections within       a five-minute period

Paradox PMD85 - Outdoor Digital Dual-Optic Magellan Wireless PIR Motion 433MHz

SKU: ParadoxPMD85
$125.99 Regular Price
$115.99Sale Price
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