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Paradox REM101 Emergency/Panic Remote Control - 433MHz




• Water Resistant

• Panic Function Allows User To Instantly Send Panic              Signal To Monitoring Station

• Manually-Activated Battery Test Function

• Visual Indicator (LED) For Arming Actions and Battery          Testing

•  Includes lanyard Attachment To Facilitate Portability

• Includes Easily-Replaceable CR2032 Battery, With A                Battery Life Of 3 Years

• Available In 2 Colors: Black & White

• Wireless Range In A typical Residential Environment:


        - 30m (100ft) With MG6130 / MG6160 / MG6250 & RX1

        - 45m (150ft) With MG5000 / MG5050, K32LX & K641LX

        - 60m (200ft) With RTX3


•  Available In 433 Or 868 MHz (This One Is 433MHz)


The Action Button


To use your REM101 to arm your system, or activate a PGM or panic alarm, press and hold the action button for one second until the LED flashes. The LED emits rapid flashes during a foursecond period, confirming your action.

Paradox REM101 - Emergency/Panic Remote Control - 433MHz (Fast/Free S & H)

SKU: ParadoxREM101
$39.50 Regular Price
$36.99Sale Price
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