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Paradox REM2 - 5 Button Two-Way Remote Control w/Backlit Buttons (NEW & Genuine) 433MHz




The REM2 Is A Water-Resistant 5-button Remote Control That Provides The User With The Status Of Their System By Pressing The [ i ] Button. The Remote Control Provides Both Auditory And Visual Feedback In An Attractive Streamlined Style. To Activate The Remote’s Backlight, Press Any Button Twice.


The Feedback Provided For The User Is Separated Into Two Categories: Security Feedback And Accessory Feedback. Security Feedback Deals With Actions Concerning Arming And Disarming, System In Alarm, And Panic Alarms. Accessories Feedback Deals With Actions Concerning The FM Tuner And PGMs. If The Remote Fails To Communicate With The System, The LED Will Flash Red Rapidly, And A Fail Beep Will Occur.


The REM2 Allows The User To Remotely Arm & Disarm The System, As Well As Activate PGM Outputs (Relays). Also Can Be Used For Police, Medical & Fire Panic Alerts.




  • Supports StayD (Version 2.0 Or Higher)
  • System Status Memory: The Rem2 Will Keep The Last System Status Received From The Control Panel In Memory. Momentarily Press The Info Button To Display The Last System Status--Even When Out Of Range. Used To Confirm The Last Action You Did On The System While Away From The System.
  • Built-in Transceiver
  • Displays System Status Using Visual (LED) And Auditory Feedback
  • Press The Status Button At Any Time To Receive The System Status
  • Perform Up To 6 Different Actions Per Remote Control
  • Compact, Water-Resistant Design With Backlight For Buttons
  • Wireless Range In A Typical Residential Environment:


            - 30m (100ft) With MG6250

            - 45m (150ft) With MG5000/MG5050/MG5075/RTX3


What’s New In V3.0 & Above


  • When Pressing The [ i ] Button, The Status Of The System Is Now Available For The First Five Minutes After Being Received From The Control Panel.


Compatibility & Technical Specifications


  • MG6250
  • MG5000 / MG5050
  • RPT1
  • RTX3
  • Battery: One 3v Lithium Battery (CR2032)

Paradox REM2 - 5 Button TwoWay Remote Control w/Backlit Buttons (Genuine) 433MHz

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