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Paradox Wireless Glassbreak Detector - G550 - 433MHz




The G550 Wireless Glassbreak Detector Delivers Effective Coverage Of Plate, Tempered, Wired, & Laminated Glass Without The Need For Complex Sensitivity Adjustments. The G550 Combines An Advanced Acoustic Sensor* With Supervised Wireless Capabilities.


The G550 Is Omni-Directional, Providing 360° Coverage. Coverage Is Measured From The Sensor To The Point On The Glass Farthest From The Sensor. The Sensor Can Be Mounted As Close As 3.3’ (1m) From The Glass If Wanted.


1) Mounted On Opposite Wall Or Adjoining Walls, Range is 20’ (6m) For Plate, Tempered, Laminated & Wired Glass.

2) Mounted On The Ceiling, Maximum Range Is 20’ (6m) For Plate, Tempered, Laminated & Wired Glass.

3) For Armor-Coated Glass, Mount Sensor No More Than 12’ (3.65m) From Glass. Do Not Install The G550 On The Same Wall As The Monitored Window.




  • Modern & Sleek Design
  • Supervised Wireless Detector Offered In 433 MHz & 868 MHz
  • Six Meter (20 ft.) Radius Range & 360 Degrees Coverage Pattern Protects An Entire Room With One Sensor
  • Detect Breaking Of Different Types Of Glass Including Plate, Tampered, Laminated & Wired
  • Standard Alkaline 3x AAA Type Battery With Low Battery Supervision
  • Factory-Set Sensitivity For Safer Installation
  • Recognizes Actual Pattern Of Breaking Glass Across The Full Audio Band
  • Impact & Shock Wave Analysis
  • High-Immunity To RFI & EMI Signals


    Paradox Wireless Glassbreak Detector - G550 - 433MHz

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